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Jah Jah Yute


Jah Jah Yute was born with the name Steadman Anthony Shearer, in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica in a little district called Rock Spring.

He is the 2 eldest of 5 siblings. While growing up he said he was like a shephard boy caring for the goats, cows and chickens his family raised as well as farming sugar cane and yams. In his middle school days he walked nine miles to and from school in between taking care of his home chores.

This was a very creative time for Jah Jah Yute because he had the secluded time to look into life as he knew it and with his spiritually he wrote his meditations.

In Rock Springs, his father owned a nightclub with a sound system called Sir King B. Jah Jah first performed as a DJ, on this sound system.

One evening Jah Jah heard the Sound System of Black Star playing and during entertainer time, instead of dj-ing he started singing free style of his spiritual meditations

and was well received by the audience.

This inspired Jah Jah and he soon went to Kingston and was introduced by a friend to the owner of Mixing Lab Studio where he met Bunny Wailer, Yellow Man and others. This is where he was introduced to the recording studio.

While visiting Montego Bay he was directed to African Symbol Studio where he recorded his first couple of songs, "Do Rasta Work" and "Too Much Slackness Inna Di Music".

Jah Jah recorded dub plates for sound systems and became linked with Iron Dogg Studio. Here is where he recorded "Gun Shot Blazes" and "No War".

Jah Jah was visiting a friend in Montego Bay there he met Helene McLeod who was on vacation from America. He sang "Gun Shot Blazes" for her and she told him that it was #1 and they decided to work together and formed Enel Productions, their recording label.

Together Jah Jah and Helene are partners in Enel Productions ( ) and have since produced and marketed 3 albums WORDS POWER ON SOUND, JAH SAY SO and EXCELLENCE IS THY NAME.

Jah Jah Yute’s first album with Enel Productions is entitled WORDS POWER ON SOUND is a beautifully prepared piece of musical artistry loaded with full-fleshed urban Reggae sounds. A few seconds into a listen of this CD, and you feel like you're listening to Gregory Isaac or Bob Marley and you'll realize that Jah Jah is an impressive, authentic reggae artist. The general musical compositions and arrangements are well-reined. Jah Jah is a talented lyricist, with lyrics that are positively inspiring, informative and thoughtful. The CD has a strong spiritual element which seems to diffuse hatred and instill, in the heart, the love and peace that humanity share in common. "Children Unite" is a tasteful reggae number that the ear couldn't detest. It has a positive message to a contemporary problem and sparks a strong sense of hope. The bass, guitar, drums and piano are well mixed and achieved a striking degree of harmony.

The titles "Do Rasta work" "So Much Things to say" and " United We Stand" are superb numbers with splendid richness of sonority that hold its reggae identities.

Jah Jah Yute and Enel Productions sophomore project "JAH SAY SO" is a group of tracks composed and performed by Jah Jah Yute. Spreading the words of peace and love, truths and rights to all mankind, Jah Say So is a meld of cultures with rhythms created by Irie Jam Sunshine from France, Diamond Cutz from Jamaica, DFS Productions from Yugoslavia and Electric Dread from New York City.

Jah Jah Yute is inspired by the teachings of Jah God Almighty.

His compositions are compared to those of Bob Marley. Jah Jah Yute sound has been compared to Admiral Tibit and Gregory Isaacs.

EXCELLENCE IS THY NAME is the Junior project or third album for the Reggae Artist and Enel Productions. It consists of smooth roots conscience music with rhythms created by musicians and engineers from different parts of the world such as France, Jamaica, United States, and Martinique melting the different cultures.

Jah Jah Yute is a true creative talent under Enel Productions, Jah Jah Yute has produced his music videos and he recently returned from Jamaica where under Enel Productions he captured video to create a documentary about culture in the hills of Jamaica.

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Jah Jah Yute as taken up residence in New Jersey, right outside New York City in the United States of America since 2006.

Jah Jah Yute is a true Rasta Man.

Enjoy the words and enjoy the music. Spread the name of Jah Jah Yute. Many blessings to you all.